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2022 Season - Age Groups

      Please keep in mind that we've adjusted the acceptable age ranges for some of the softball divisions in order to strengthen our majors division and to better align with the baseball age groups.  Please review the information below when putting together teams for the upcoming season.  Thank you for the time and attention to the softball program this past winter, it has been very encouraging.  Hoping for a great season in the new year!

1.        Minors Division – Ages 6 through 10

a.       This is an instructional division that will play a season that progresses from machine pitch through to player pitch. 

                                                               i.      The first two weeks of the season will be machine pitch (unless the league does not have a machine, then the coach will pitch to his own team). 

                                                             ii.      The third and fourth weeks will include 2 innings of machine pitch. 

                                                           iii.      The remainder of the game will be player/coach pitch.  The final weeks of the season will be player pitch with coach backup

                                                           iv.      If the player pitcher has thrown four balls, the batter’s coach will pitch to them for the remainder of the at bat.  Any existing strikes remain in the count.  Batter cannot walk, but can strike out.

b.       The 11” softie ball is used for this division.

c.       Players may not leave the base until the pitch has reached the batter. 

d.       Other special rules apply and will be distributed to the managers for this division and posted to the District 1 website.

2.       9-10 Division – Ages 9 and 10

a.       This division uses primarily the same rules as the majors division and is intended for 9 and 10 year old players who have progressed beyond minors division but are not yet eligible for majors division (or 10 year olds not selected to a majors team). 

b.       The 11” regular softball will be used for this division.

c.       All games are player pitch.  Pitching distance will be 35 feet.

d.       Special rules for this division will include:

                                                               i.      Runners may not leave base until the ball reaches the batter.

                                                             ii.      Runners may not advance on a third strike not caught by the catcher.

                                                           iii.      Any other special rules will be distributed to the managers prior to season.

3.       Majors Division – Ages 10-12

a.       This division utilizes the Little League rules and is for players ages 10 through 12.  Ten year olds may only be selected for this division after all eleven and twelve year olds who attended the requisite try out(s) have been placed on a team.

4.       Juniors Division – Ages 13-14.

a.       Montana District 1 generally combines the Juniors and Seniors divisions during regular season play and utilizes Seniors Division Rules.  Juniors division teams for tournament play (“all stars”) will be formed if there are sufficient players to do so.

5.       Seniors Division – Ages 15-16.

a.       These players will likely play in a combined division with the Juniors age players for the regular season.  Because players in this age group often also play high school softball, the season is split into two halves.  The second half season team formation will depend upon the number of high school players entering the program after the high school season is completed.



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